Should Cancer Patients Drink Alkaline Water?

should cancer patients drink alkaline water

Whether you are a cancer patient or not, you may wonder whether or not you should drink alkaline water. While there are a number of factors to consider, including the health risks, there are also a number of benefits to drinking alkaline water. Some studies have shown that it may lower blood viscosity after exercise, reduce the risk of osteoporosis, and help hydrate you better than regular water.

Can alkaline water lower blood viscosity after exercise?

During the last few years, there has been an increasing interest in biomarkers to assess hydration status. It is unclear if a single, gold-standard biomarker can be developed. However, it appears that blood viscosity is a potential marker. In fact, several studies have shown increases in blood viscosity after exercise.

One clinical study evaluated the effects of drinking alkaline water after exercise. The test subjects were randomized to either drinking standard purified water or electrolyzed high-pH water. They exercised until dehydrated. Then, they drank regular water, alkaline water, or electrolyzed water. Blood viscosity was measured seven times during a 90-min recovery period. The results showed a noticeable difference in blood viscosity when participants drank alkaline water.

The alkaline water drinkers showed a 6% decrease in blood viscosity two hours after exercise. This was significant. However, there were no differences in plasma osmolality between high-pH water and standard purified water. This may be due to the lack of minerals.

May help hydrate you better than regular water

Those who have cancer and are taking cancer treatment may be interested in drinking alkaline water to help hydrate them. However, there is not much scientific evidence to support this claim. The health benefits of alkaline water are likely to be limited, and there are many other ways to improve your hydration.

The human body is very sensitive to the pH of its fluids. It has a system that maintains a healthy pH level of about 7.4. When the pH level is too low, the blood becomes too acidic, and the body will breathe more carbon dioxide to bring it back to normal. This condition is called metabolic alkalosis. It can cause tremors, twitching, vomiting, and nausea.

In order to maintain a balanced pH, the kidneys produce ions that normalize the blood pH. In addition, your body produces a variety of other ions that neutralize the acid in the blood. Some of these ions are sodium and potassium, which are important for balancing hydration levels.

May reduce the risk of osteoporosis

Among the most common claims made by alkaline water advocates is that drinking alkaline water can improve bone health and reduce the risk of osteoporosis. However, the benefits of alkaline water are not scientifically proven.

While alkaline water can help prevent bone loss, it can’t cure osteoporosis. However, it may help decelerate bone loss.

The human body is designed to maintain a pH level of about 7.365 for blood. Excessive acid in the body can cause several problems, including rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, and hormonal disorders.

A study published in Bone compared the impact of alkaline water on bone resorption, the process in which old bone cells are broken down and replaced with new bone cells. It found that drinking alkaline water may not have as much effect on bone loss as some other studies have claimed.

Other studies suggest that alkaline water may help reduce blood pressure. In 2001, researchers suggested that alkaline water may improve blood sugar levels. But more research is needed to determine the long-term effects of alkaline water on bone density.

Can cause side effects

Despite some claims, there is little scientific evidence to show that drinking alkaline water can prevent cancer or treat it. Several studies have been done in lab cells to determine the effects of alkaline water, but none of them show that alkaline water can treat cancer.

Alkaline water is a type of water with a pH higher than seven. It is made by passing water over rocks or by electrolysis. It is different from regular water because it is slightly alkaline. A higher pH level indicates that a substance is more basic, which is what a body needs to maintain homeostasis.

Alkaline water is said to slow down the rate at which acid is produced in the body. This may help the body to fight off cancer, especially if the body is already suffering from cancer. It is important to drink alkaline water before a meal or after exercise.

Alkaline water also helps in digestion. Its alkalinity is thought to help remove toxins from the muscles and tissues. Some of the benefits include improved bone health, better blood sugar control, and increased circulation. It is also said to help with acid reflux symptoms.