Alkaline Water: Bottled, Countertop Pitcher, Machine Or Whole House System???

Recent studies have shown that there are many benefits to drinking alkaline water. This includes improved skin health due to lower levels of inflammation and better blood circulation, weight loss due to balanced glucose regulation and appetite control, increased bone density, and even enhanced immune function.

It has also been noted that those who drink alkaline water may experience less stress than individuals who use acidic beverages to quench their thirst.

While some people claim that alkalizing your beverage can help prevent or treat disease, this theory is not supported by scientific evidence at this time.

I will discuss the differences between bottled alkaline water, a counter top alkaline pitcher, a machine alkaline water bottle, and whole house alkaline purification in this article!

So what is alkaline water?

Al kali means alkaline in Hindi. A neutral pH (7) liquid is considered acid if it is more basic (less negatively charged) and alkaline if it is more positively charged.

A slightly higher amount of acidity is an electrolyte which helps balance fluid volume and aids in mineral absorption.

Drinking enough liquids is important for overall wellness, but limiting your intake of alcohol and sugary drinks and replacing them with plain filtered H2O and/or alkaline foods is especially important during pregnancy.

When you consume alcohol, other fluids such as saliva, milk, and stomach acids are depleted, leaving you feeling dry, hungry, and potentially sick.

Alkaline water is slightly more acidic than normal water

Alkaline Water:  Bottled, Countertop Pitcher, Machine or Whole House System???

Recent studies have shown that replacing your drinking water with an alkaline solution can be of great benefit to your overall health.

Alkaline water is characterized as having a higher pH (the degree to effect acidity) than regular tap water. A high pH balance is considered to be “alkaline” because it contains more OH ions – which are needed for strong cell functioning.

Too much acid in our bodies has been linked to symptoms such as inflammation, oxidative stress, and disease. In fact, some researchers believe that excessive acid may even contribute to cancer!

In contrast, we now know that too many OH ions can cause cellular damage and depletion, which contributes to poor health. Consuming alkaline foods and liquids helps neutralize excess acid in your body. Nutrient-rich vegetables and fruits are excellent sources of this.

Many people begin experimenting with alkalizing their diet when they notice changes in their skin and hair. More vibrant looking and healthier luster are two signs that something is working. Some patients use alkaline supplements during treatments to help restore healthy hormone levels.

Researchers continue to study alkaline diets so that we can find out how well they work and what benefits they offer.

The pH of your body is important

Alkaline Water:  Bottled, Countertop Pitcher, Machine or Whole House System???

Acidity or alkalinity makes an impact on our health depending on how much one has in relation to the other.

Acidity is what comes from the digestion of foods we eat, as well as uric acid that gets flushed out of our bodies due to exercise. It also includes chemicals such as lactic acid that get produced by muscle tissue.

Alkaline water can be consumed via drinking it directly, using a counter top pitcher, buying a machine designed for this purpose, or having people who make it sell it directly to you.

There are some theories about why adding more alkaline liquid to your system may help improve your overall health. These include claims that it helps promote weight loss, boosts the immune system, removes toxins, and improves cardiovascular function. All of these benefits are dependent on how much you drink and how many drops you have per glass.

However, there’s no evidence supporting any of these claims aside from the fact that different individuals perceive changes in their symptoms when they test their urine and saliva regularly. This article isn’t intended to convince you that alkaline waters exist for improving your health, but rather to let you know what a few studies say about them!

Disclaimer: Like with anything else, if you feel unwell while experimenting with new diets, stop doing those things and see your doctor. None of us is necessarily healthier because we were born into a family of healthy parents.

Alkaline water can increase your urine pH

Alkaline Water:  Bottled, Countertop Pitcher, Machine or Whole House System???

Recent studies suggest that using alkaline water may help improve your health by lowering your blood pressure, promoting weight loss, enhancing bone density, and helping in overall skin wellness.

Alkaline water can be consumed through drinking bottled alkaline beverages such as water with added minerals like bicarbonate or adding them to some type of homemade beverage (like pure lemon juice mixed into water).

You also can use an alkaline water pitcher, a device that you place used bottles of acidic water in and then it produces alkaline distilled water for drinking.

A great way to make sure you are getting all of the benefits is to try both types of alkaline waters at one time and see what changes you feel motivated to make!”

As we grow older, our hormones begin to slow down. This is because the body uses nutrients and calories to deal with stressors and preserve life.

Testosterone drops, estrogen levels drop, and growth hormone slows down. When these hormones are working properly, they promote healthy lean muscle mass, mental clarity, and sexual function.

When these hormones are not functioning correctly, people can develop symptoms related to low testosterone like lower sex drive, trouble achieving orgasm, and fatigue.

Decreased growth hormone can contribute to age-related weight gain due to decreased metabolism. It can also cause dry wrinkling and thinning of the skin.

Alkaline water has many health benefits

Alkaline Water:  Bottled, Countertop Pitcher, Machine or Whole House System???

Recent studies have shown that drinking eight 8-ounce glasses of alkaline water per day can help improve your overall health and wellness.

Alkaline water is water with an elevated pH level. The number before the decimal point indicates how much higher the acidity is than normal water (which has a neutral PH balance of 7).

A more acidic environment in our bodies is associated with inflammation and oxidative stress. Both are linked to poor health and disease.

Inflammation occurs when your body reacts to irritants or threats by trying to heal or repair itself. Oxidative stress happens when there is too much oxidant material in the body, such as free radicals or reactive chemicals.

Some examples of oxidants include heavy metals like mercury, chemical toxins such as from air pollution or food additives, and glucose metabolism by white blood cells.

Given these effects, it makes sense that excessive acidity may be harmful to one’s health. Therefore, some experts suggest ingesting several gallons of alkaline water every week to reduce systemic inflammation and oxidative stress.

It is also helpful for weight loss because eating foods that increase stomach acid helps promote digestion. However, you should never drink overly acidic beverages, especially during times of illness or if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Instead, make sure to drink enough plain water to offset any extra acids you might consume.

Alkaline water comes in many different flavors

Alkaline Water:  Bottled, Countertop Pitcher, Machine or Whole House System???

There are several brands of alkalized bottled waters that claim to be more effective than regular tap water in removing heavy metals and toxins. These include rebranded spring water and vitamin enriched waters such as cranberry juice drink (CRD).

Some believe that adding these minerals to your system is better than drinking plain old H2O because they say some companies add back into the bottle chemicals that were removed during processing!

Alkaline water has become popular due to its claimed ability to help reduce inflammation and promote healthy skin and gingival tissue. It also may aid in weight loss since it can boost metabolism. Some studies have shown possible health benefits related to gastrointestinal issues like ulcers and diarrhea.

Overall though, most experts agree that replacing your current drinking habit with alkaline beverages is not needed for overall wellness. More likely, the price is a factor.

You can purchase alkaline water in a bottle

Alkaline Water:  Bottled, Countertop Pitcher, Machine or Whole House System???

Recent studies have shown that replacing your drinking water with an acidifying drink like alkaline water may help prevent cancer!

Alkaline water is plain old H2O with either no added chemicals or additives such as salt or vitamin drops. An ingredient that makes it acidic is chlorine, which helps make sure you are not exposed to too much bacteria.

There are several brands of alkaline water available including Life Stressed Liquid, Purely Pristine, Live Acidified, Mineralized Waters, and Rainbow Valley. Some people even pre-filter their alkaline water to remove chemical residues before adding the chloride.

For most people, ingesting one glass (about 5 ounces) of alkaline water each day is enough to see benefits.

You can also purchase a countertop alkaline water pitcher

Alkaline Water:  Bottled, Countertop Pitcher, Machine or Whole House System???

Whilst most people are aware of what an acid diet is, few know about how much more important it is to consume an adequate amount of sodium (or potassium). These minerals play a crucial part in keeping your blood volume fluid by passing through your body as either ions or molecules.

Acids that we eat get absorbed into our bodies via taste receptors. Once these are saturated, some of the acids remain in your mouth as hydrogen atoms which then combine with oxygen to form acidic compounds such as lactic acid. This process happens within twenty minutes of eating your food!

After this time has elapsed, your stomach must work to rid itself of the excess hydrogen and/or acetic acid by secreting additional fluids so they do not accumulate. If left alone, this would be further neutralized by the lack of sodium and/or potassium.

When there is a balance between these two elements, things normally run smoothly. However, when you have too much acidity, your body cannot regulate its pH level due to the chemicals clogging up the works.

This can lead to several health issues like bone loss, heart disease, and even cancer. Unfortunately for those who believe their drink contains enough acidity, most bottles do not contain any indicator dyes nor are there specifications set for how much acidity each bottle should contain.

You can also purchase an alkaline water machine

Alkaline Water:  Bottled, Countertop Pitcher, Machine or Whole House System???

A growing number of companies have designed alkalized water systems that you can use to drink your daily water supply. There are three main types: bottled alkaline waters, counter top alkaline water machines, and portable alkaline water pitchers.

All three types contain electrolytes and are considered to be healthier than regular tap water. However, there is no clear cut winner between the different brands.

It’s important to do your research before buying one of these products. Some may not live up their marketing hype!

A few things to look out for include whether the product has additives such as vitamin bottles or minerals such as magnesium. These additives are not harmful but should you choose to rely on them for health then you would be sacrificing some level of effectiveness.

The last thing to consider is price- this article will assume you are willing to spend around $20 per bottle. An average sized bottle is about 6 ounces so we are looking at around $12 per day which is quite expensive if you ask me!

I will now go into more detail about all three types of alkaline water equipment. I will also talk a little bit about how effective they are.